I work in a corporate setting and with the work and travel, there is very little time to do art work on a daily basis. And since a little bit of art goes a long way into brightening up my soul, I have come up with some cool methods.

For art work - I have a small post pad and a bunch of crayons in my desk. I doodle and do my art journal work whenever I take a break. It takes just like 5 minutes but gets me totally pumped up.

For poetry - I have made it a point to write one poem a day. To accomplish this I have bought a small cute notebook.  The operational word is small. So I jot down 10 lines a day and feel a sense of accomplishment. At the same time it keeps my creative juices flowing and I get better everyday.

So try it next time. Every work of art is divine so just enjoy it. There is a lot of beauty in imperfection too.

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